Matcha Tea – The Mystery to More Energy

Matcha Green Tea Online India

Have you ever tasted the Japanese version of green tea? Yes, it’s Matcha, the extra-special tea that is known for its premium quality. Green tea has long been various experts’ recommendations for a healthy diet, however, another brighter shade is increasingly coming up, and that is matcha. It is a beverage that is made from the Camellia sinensis plant. Matcha is similar to green tea but not the same, and the leaves are taken out from the plants when they are young. These leaves are ground to form into a bright green powder. Buy matcha tea online India to taste the essence of bliss.

More About Matcha Tea

Recently, matcha tea has come into great prominence with lattes, shots, teas and even desserts. But here, we are only focusing on the tea version of matcha and how it is demanding to our health. Matcha is known for its unique nutrient profile and thus, it is available in many coffee and health stores. The powder that is formed from the leaves is whisked with hot water to make a scintillating and energising health drink. It is a bit different from regular green tea as the leaves are infused in hot water and then removed. This kind of brewed green tea is somewhat like boiling spinach and throwing away the best part before drinking the water. But in the case of matcha, we are having the entire extract of tea leaves.

Why Matcha Tea Is So Special

Considering the level of popularity, there must be something special about this tea extract. So, the fact is, matcha leaves come from green tea bushes which are looked after with special care. They are kept under shades. Shades are given to increase the amount of chlorophyll in the leaves to make them brighter and rich in nutrients. The tea is made from hand-picked leaves and remaining veins and stems are removed. The leaves are ground keeping the traditional practice in mind and thus, granite stones are used to convert into super-fine powder. Also, this process is done in dark rooms to protect the nutrients. Buy matcha tea online India only after checking these qualities. The finest and premium quality is now available in our country to let people enjoy a cup full of nourishment.

Tea Benefits

Like other green teas, Matcha too, contains a special class of antioxidants known as catechins. The catechin content in Matcha is a bit higher when compared to general green teas and it is believed to have the qualities that can fight cancer.

If you want to buy matcha tea online India consider visiting a reputed site. Buying these products from an online platform is the best consideration to meet affordability and authenticity of the products.

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