National Technology Day Celebrations 2021 in India

National Technology Day 2021

The National Technology Day celebrations highlighted a rise in entrepreneurship soul to come up with economical native solutions.

The day is an essential landmark in the annals of India’s technological inventions as India successfully tested atomic bombs Pokhran on May 11, 1998, and can be commemorated each year by honoring the architects of these creations. Awards are awarded to many innovators and entrepreneurs around this particular day each year.

For your calendar year 2021, Technology Development Board (TDB) encouraged application for National Awards under three categories. Also, overall, 15 winners were selected following a rigorous two-tier examination process, with panelists being distinguished scientists and technologists themselves.

Each calendar year, for the furtherance of its mandate, TDB seeks National awards for commercialization of engineering under three types National Awards, MSME awards, and startup awards. These awards have been conferred to several businesses for the successful commercialization of advanced native technology. This yearly honor provides a stage of fame for the Indian companies and their technology provider who would work to create innovation to the sector and aid in causing the dream of “Aatmanirbhar Bharat.”

TDB can be a statutory body of the Government of India functioning under the Department of Science of Technology that offers financial aid to Indian industrial issues and other bureaus for commercialization of both indigenized engineering or adaptation of imported technologies for broader national uses. Since its beginning in 1996, TDB has financed over 300 businesses for the commercialization of engineering.

The Specifics of National Awards for your entire year 2020-21 under three classes would be as follows: –


This award is awarded to an industrial dilemma that has successfully grown & commercialized native technology.

In the event, the technology programmer/provider and also the company commercializing the technology are two distinct associations; each is qualified for an award of Rs.25 Lakh and also a decoration.

This season after two firms have been chosen for this award: –

Borosil Renewables Limited, Mumbai

Borosil Renewables Limited made the advanced manufacturing technology generate various solar glasses, which are wholly tempered solar glass of two-millimeter thickness used in high-powered glass-glass bifacial modules. The business started supplying 2.0 mm and 2.5 mm thoroughly tempered glass into the European markets and intends to boost the manufacturing capacity to 5.0 GW equivalent to solar manufacturing shortly.

Raina Industries Private Limited, Mumbai

The business includes indigenized Textile Reinforced Concrete (TRC) and copes with the fabrication and purchase of fabric reinforced concrete pre-cast elements for that construction and construction industry. The fabric reinforcement arrangements need to be mainly built to carry consequent strains while constructing manhood. This higher-level material and the new fabricating technologies reduce concrete intake, and embodied energy of construction components, brings reverses the finish of Life waste. This material might also be employed for fresh in addition to retrofitting works. The use of TRC comprises façade components, road furniture, and designer constructions such as Smart cities, coastal and marine structures such as inland waterways.


NATIONAL AWARD UNDER MSME (on National Technology Day 2021)

The Award of Rs. 1-5 lakh (US$ 20.42 thousand) each within this category is awarded to selected SMEs that’s commercialized the product based on native technology. This season after three businesses have been chosen for this award: –

Pluss Advanced Technologies Private Limited, Gurugram

The business developed “Celsure,” a native temperature-controlled Pharmaceutical Shipping Box. The machine’s center is caked Phase Change Material (PCM) technology which ensures controlled temperature flatness. The particular temperature controller from the Pharma carton and the endurance of at least a hundred hours really helps to keep the exact caliber and might steer clear of the whole degradation of germs and pharmaceuticals.

Inntot Technologies Private Limited, Kochi

Existing Digital Radio Broadcast Receiver services on the market require dedicated processors to carry out complicated surgeries such as Demodulation and channel partitioning. The end product cost gets relatively high due to elevated chip expenses and intricate hardware design and style. M/s Inntot is rolling out good quality and cost-effective solutions to Digital broadcast radio reception predicated on the idea of software-defined radio having unique improvisations optimized in India and the USA. Inntot’s solution may enable digital radio receiver manufacturers worldwide to think of low-cost digital radio versions.

Olene Life Sciences Private Limited, Chennai

The business developed GinfortTM, a ginger infusion powder standardized into a high volume of Gingeroids (>26% absolute gingerols) invented with patented Aqueosome® technology. The product patent is given in India and the USA. Aqueosome® technology is distinctive and superior in contrast to conventional technologies designed for producing powdered ginger infusion out of ginger oleoresin. Aqueosome® technology transforms liquid oleoresin into powder using nominal usage of excipients and contributes to high purity and lower adverse effects. Additionally, this course of action is solvent-free, contributing to the protection of the solution and the surroundings. Ginfort was clinically confirmed for Functional Dyspepsia.



This award is awarded to your technology startup to get assuring new technology with potential for commercialization. The prize and this decoration contain a cash award of Rs.1-5 Lakh. This past year ten startups are selected for those awards.

Proficient Visions Solutions Private Limited, Kharagpur

Proficient Vision Solutions Private Limited has generated an item called Clear Vision: Profession removal of terrible weather (viz. Rain and fog ) impacts out of videos. The merchandise’s suggested algorithm works just on the intensity part of the video instead of other approaches focusing on all color components. Additionally, it needs fewer sequential video frames to that remove Fog and Rain. Real-time fog and Rain removal may significantly enhance the operation of varied tasks such as self-steering, traffic signal recognition, and fewer flaws in many different transport services.

EyeROV (IROV Technologies Private Limited) Kerala

EyeROV offers advanced level underwater review services employing proprietary merchandise EyeROV TUNA – ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle). EyeROV TUNA can be a micro-ROV to carry out Visible inspection/survey of underwater structures. It’s a low-cost underwater intervention to do work upto the depth of 200m. The merchandise also includes a provision to install outside detectors such as SONARS, NDT testing equipment. The item can be employed for a comprehensive review, boat hull inspection, fish farm review, port structure review, bridge base inspection, etc.

Fabheads Automation Private Limited, Chennai

Traditionally, making parts with carbon fiber substance was a costly, laborious, and time-consuming procedure. Fabheads’ native carbon fiber lay-up technology simplifies this problem by automating the entire process of producing this specific material. The provider’s FibrBot collection of 3D printers lets users 3 d print substantial lightweight parts that may be employed for various applications across industries, including drones and automotive, aerospace and marine, etc. The technology lessens the material wastage when compared with conventional procedures of manufacturing, making it cheaper.

Plabeltech Private Limited, Bhopal

The business is rolling out the Gly-tag® platform. They aim at the breast cancer cells at deficient levels without damaging the healthy cells and are thought to aid patients using competitive type HER2 positive breast cancer.

Breathe Applied Sciences Private Limited, Bengaluru

M/s Breathe Systems Private Limited, Bengaluru. Breathe has translated the lab-scale CO2 conversion to methanol into the pilot scale. They’ve engineered the conversion apparatus (vapor phase plug flow reactor) having a power of g scale CO2 each day to 300 kg CO2 every day utilization.

CYRAN AI Solutions, Delhi

The business has developed and designed an original and patented invention-BUDDHI AI DIY Kit® (BUDDHI represents “Build comprehend Design Deploy human-like Intelligence”). It’s an interactive DIY (do-it-yourself ) educational kit that may be employed to quickly learn the capacity of AI, the fundamentals of AI, and build AI-based honest world endeavors without prior domain knowledge.

Theranautilus Pvt Ltd., Bengaluru

Theranautilus’s apparatus may be employed to direct the nano-robots for their aims deep in the dentinal tubules. Once the nano-robots get to the bacterial disease site, they can be remotely triggered to set up their anti-bacterial mechanism. This publication solution reduces root-canal collapse, which now divides to 14 16 percent of those countless root canal treatment procedures performed annually worldwide.

SynThera Biomedical Private Limited, Pune

The business has produced a PoroSyn® bioactive synthetic bone graft that has been invented in granule & prevent shape and found in surgical treatments to regenerate and repair bone in most regions of bone loss in the torso injuries, illness, and congenital deformities. PoroSyn’s technology was optimized in India, and patents are registered in the united states, Europe, China, and South Korea.

Multi Nano Sense Technologies Private Limited, Nagpur

Multi Nano Sense Technologies (MNST) Private Limited indigenously developed Hydrogen detectors, solid-state electrochemical detectors with a stable electrolyte, and publication mention electrode (‘SSEC Technology’). They solved a few significant challenges in Hydrogen feeling faced by conventional technologies such as catalytic aluminum and metal oxide semiconductor, such as cross-platform sensitivity, disturbance, etc. Even the MEMS technology could analyze, qualitatively and quantitatively, different gases and potentially work for being a pocket GC when combined using a MEMS Micro-column. It might respond within microseconds with high degrees of vulnerability, selectivity, and accuracy across-track levels to 100% Confidence.

Noccarc Robotics Private Limited, Pune

Noccarc Robotics Private Limited developed and designed a completely operational native V310 ICU Ventilator in cooperation with SIIC IIT-Kanpur and commercialized it to Deal with COVID-19 patients. The business also acquired Noccarc H210, a top Rise Oxygen Therapy Device that offers respiratory aid to this patient at a critical stage by delivering high-speed heated and humidified oxygen-rich atmosphere via a nasal port.


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